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Story Behind The Songs


I remember making the decision to give my heart to Jesus.

I was little. Second grade, I think. My Sunday school attendance was strong. I prayed prayers over meals and before bedtime, with my parents. VBS already making a strong showing on my resumé. I knew the language of the church, I sang her songs loudly and I loved her Lord dearly. And then one night around Easter, I listened once again to the story of the cross Jesus climbed upon and why, and I made the quiet decision to follow him anywhere. My parents never made it about fear of fiery hell or pressure from any place. They understood this to be a deeply personal decision, even for a child.  And they let me make it, or not.

This experience is different for everyone. As much as we’ve tried to present some formulaic prayer or posture, there simply isn’t one.  The kind of love it takes to move either an 8 year old or an 80 year old to offer up whatever small bit of humble life they hold, could never be summarized into a script or bullet points or prompts. (Sorry, bullet point people).

One thing is sure: something changes.
Something shifts.
Something breaks.
And dies.
And something new is born.

Most people can point to that moment in their faith, however tiny the spark or distant the memory.

When you’ve lived a lot of life on this new path, when the church has become your home for years, and it’s language is fluid in your heart and on your tongue, you can forget that moment. It can start to feel too far away and anecdotal. Even worse, sentimental. You forget the power of the cross, because it hangs around so many necks and on so many walls. It’s a decorative symbol now. You forget the kneeling places. The altar. The manger. The places your young tears fell. That long ago experience seems so distant and pedestrian. You forget what changed you back then.

There’s some good news for us, the ones who’ve forgotten.

He has not.

You began in mud.
Began again in blood.
You might not remember the day your name changed, but Jesus does. Promises made and broken. Second and third and six hundredth chances. Moments you barely resembled the new creature you actually are. Moments you can’t remember your call or your heart or your name.

He does.
Let him remind you.

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